Sunday, 20 December 2009


In a few short favorite show of all time starts up again....Lost.

I have come to be addicted to the show in some fashion. The writing...the storyline...the acting...the characters....all make this into a five-star epic of sorts.

But as the final season comes to life...the gang in charge want to close a number of mysteries...and I have some fears over how things will be explained.

First, if John Locke is really and truly'll be hard for me to sit there and watch some fake John Locke carry out some part of the storyline.

Second, the Adam and Eve skeletons? When I observed this storyline item...I kept thinking...this is Jack and Kate. It could possibly be Sun and her Korean husband.

Third, lil smokey. Yep, there was smokey in the beginning and you just kept thinking...what the hell was that? No explanation ever was believable, and I think anything they offer...will be mostly bogus.

Fourth, this four-toed statue of sorts...the Taweret? Accidentally destroyed by an earthquake...we will presume....but how does it get built in the first place?

Fifth....the English ship in the middle of the island and its contribution to the whole story?

Sixth...who really is this Richard Alpert?

Seventh...there are rumors of a mass destruction toward the end....where a number of the characters are simply killed off. If that's the case....I just might turn the show off and give up on it.

Eighth....will Ben redeem himself? For some reason, I'd like to see Ben as a nice guy in the end....but I know that won't happen.

I have come to enjoy this fresh approach to great writing....dragging you along...with a twist and turn....and never spelling out the eventual ending.

Just Another Tax

If everything continues is...this universal heath care bill that will be passed this week...will include a excise tax....on indoor tanning services (in lieu of elective cosmetic medial procedures).

The necessity for this? Well...I'm not sure of any real reason to tax them except it helps to generate more taxes for the US government (better it's this and not toilet paper or laxative).

Now the neat thing about this....a guy could read this and then put his tanning beds in some outdoor type of arrangement...and thus avoid this entire tax issue.

Does Senator Harry Reid know about this tanning excise tax? I'm not sure. It could be that Harry has never read a page of the entire bill...and it's something that one of his folks just inserted as a see if anyone would notice it. a Bama guy...I don't care a bit about this. I enjoy a 100 percent natural Bama-type tan from the free sun. So far, Harry hasn't figured out a method to tax free sunshine.

The Tunnel Story

If you live in the UK, there are only three ways to get down to the plane, by ferry, and by the Chunnel. This Chunnel experience is a unique episode. You drive onboard a special train (yes, your car can go)....step into a cabin at the front of this coach....and then settle back for a 45-minute trip under the English Channel. Cost is relative.....lesser in the evening hours of course.

Two days ago....a unusual event occurred aboard a couple of Chunnel trains. Because of the drastic and cold conditions outside, and a very warm condition in the middle of the Chunnel.....the trains basically stopped. They haven't fully explained this scientific reasoning....but nothing moved. In fact, all power stopped.

So imagine yourself....sitting on a power, no AC (it is warm), no water other than what you brought in your little bag or what might be in the car, and no food. Adding to this misery.....the guys who run this business....don't really have a "rescue" plan for this type of episode. Remember, if these conditions stopped the regular train....any other train you send....will have the same problem.

Here are a couple of thousand folks, stranded in these trains. The majority probably thought it would be an hour or two to get rescued. So after two hours....folks are getting antsy....hungry.....and thirsty.

I was in Frankfurt once....on a subway car....deep under the city....when it stopped. It was July and while the tunnel was probably 75 degrees.....the car itself was a 90 degree situation. Around the ten minute point, you could see the aggravation on people's faces. After twenty minutes....this was becoming uncomfortable, and I started to feel thirsty. By the forty minute point.....people were calling folks on the cellphone and trying to get some attention to the stopped vehicle. Other than a brief announcement by the conductor every ten minutes of a stalled train ahead of us....nothing else. It was sixty minutes before we finally cranked up and proceeded. I stepped out at the next stop and gulped down a Coke in thirty seconds flat.

I could understand the feelings on this train.

At the two hour point.....I probably would have stood up and jammed open the doors.....and then started to walk. It wouldn't matter what direction you would have been at least four hours before you got to one end or the other.

I watched the video of folks who were finally brought out of the Chunnel. They were mostly British, and furious. Some women were highly emotional and probably will never ride the Chunnel ever again. The Chunnel management was sorry, and offering to help settle everyone up.

The morale of this story? You should always carry a case or two of Pabst Blue Ribbon in the car when traveling the Chunnel.....and thirty pounds of beef jerky.....just in case something happens. And if you wanted to score with the British gals.....have a bottle or two of whiskey around to offer up to the ladies.