Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Secret Network?

It is a great story....but sad at the same time.

Somewhere around 2003....this guy came out and somehow convinced the CIA that he had the ability to decode secret messages sent by Al-Qaeda through Al-Jazeera news broadcasts.

Naturally, you'd sit there and scratch your head over this. Secret messages? Via some nightly broadcast? Sent from the Middle East by Al-Jazeera? Could it be?

For a number of months...this guy had the CIA convinced that such sensitive and classified data was being transmitted this way.

So on, and on....this testing of his very secret software occurred. It's almost like the CIA wanted to believe him....but the truth simply wasn't there.

So at some critical point, the CIA finally turned to the French (don't ask how or why)....and got the official French "shake" was bogus.

The curious thing here....why the French? Did the French have some ability that the CIA didn't have? Did the French themselves already put out secret data via Al-Jazeera and just knew that two players couldn't do this? Well....we don't know.

I sat and pondered this....eventually wondering....if Glenn Beck via Fox News...wasn't passing secret data for Al-Qaeda? This white board that Glenn uses....with all the funny symbols? Could that be a data transfer device? Could Fox news be passing data?

Or how about Time and Newsweek?

How about Sponge Bob?

Somewhere out a CIA team who'd really like to believe in this massive secret message network...and frankly, they just aren't having much luck.