Friday, 25 December 2009

Fair and Unequal?

Sometimes....people would be better off...keeping their mouth shut. There was an interview conducted with a journalist of Bloomberg and Senator of New York...Charley Schumer.

The interview had to deal with the universal heath care package....and how Senator Ben Nelson got this great deal for the people of Nebraska....involving special Medicaid payments. Forty-nine other must help Nebraska.....because it's written into this deal. They don't get any part of that deal.

So Senator Schumer says in the midst of this interview....“Every state has its own unique situations. That’s why we have a Senate.”

At that point, he kinda let the cat out of the bag that everyone has some status that is different from another state.

The thing about our's built on the concept that folks from all fifty states have the same rights....the same deal.....the same taxes. Now? Schumer is indicating that there are fifty different deals from this bill and everyone gets something different.

How easy will it be to go into court and stomp each down? Maybe weeks....maybe months.....but I would say now, it's a one hundred percent chance that someone will get tempted to stomp on all fifty states and make this a level playing field.

Once these fifty deals are wiped out....the general purpose of the senate gets called into question. So we line up enough votes to pass something and everyone has to get paid off? Is this reality? One state gets a deal better than another state? Why bother having a senate then?

Something is wrong with this mentality.

"Hidden Messages"?

From Yahoo news today...there is this note of "Avatar" perhaps containing hidden messages.

Yes, can you believe that?

The basic script of this movie? A bunch of Earth dudes....who all speak English without an they are Americans....are in a big fit in the year 2154.

The dudes have all used up what natural resources lie on the Earth. This is all explained by excessive living.

So these English speaking Earth dudes without an accent....most likely Americans....have decided to hustle up their military folks....and send them off to some far-away land....outside of this planet and this universe.

The boys arrive at Pandora, which happens to be the same size as it makes it easier to compare things as you sit there in the theater....munching on the popcorn.

These Pandora folks....happen to be wise, peaceful, and nature-respecting folks. Unlike any society on Earth....with idiots, dimwits, and nuts....the Pandora folks are totally different.

Naturally....they aren't white...which immediately makes a guy realize that there could be some racism involved here since almost all of the Earthling guys who speak English without an accent....are just plain white. There aren't any Latinos, Chinese guys, Russians or Black dudes.

So these blue-skinned dudes....referred have this resource mineral that Earthling dudes must desperately acquire. Amusingly enough...there's never a mention of a deal or swap or exchange. Apparently the Earthling dudes have nothing to offer....not even busty women.

So the Earthling dudes send up special forces. This can only involve guns, bombs, rockets, missiles and predators feeds.

The blue-skinned guys....act an awful lot like some African Indian tribes or American Indians or country folks in Bama.

Everyone is kinda friendly and open to folks visiting and don't want to get upset over anything that ain't a big deal.

At some point, one of the special forces guys turns friendly.....and helps the blue-skinned dudes fight against the evil Earthlings who only speak English without an accent. It's really not worth discussing after that point.

So, is there a hidden message? No. It's a pretty one-dimensional script without anything carrying it. The blue-skinned guys can only be friendly....anything else beyond that....makes this a wasted effort. What if the blue-skinned guys had arrived on Earth.....and started to steal resources from here? We'd kick their butt.

So this Yahoo news about 99 percent a joke....and geared toward some guy or gal who barely functions at the seventh-grade level. As long as you can, act, and behave like you did in Ms Johnson's seventh-grade class.....then you can pretty much believe in Avatar and really get into the action and drama of the movie. That's all it takes. If you have advanced past Ms Johnson's seventh-grade just won't be the special treat that you thought it would.

JFK Airport Woes

It was a story that I understood.

Up in New JFK airport....the Port Authority cops got called out to the Delta Airlines terminal on control a hostile and angry crowd. is reminiscent of my episode from two years ago....same airport...same airline....just happening in July instead.

Apparently, this snowstorm in the local area caused a bunch of cancellations....and the Delta folks were unable to comprehend the hostile nature of being stuck at JFK. The cops spent almost an hour....getting everything under control.

For those who've never been at JFK and dealt with Delta there....they are worthless. They won't help you find a hotel. They will hint of you being stuck in NY City not just one more day....but two....or even three. They won't tell you that hotels run $150 minimum....or that JFK is run like a third-world operation with incompetent people from the front of the the rear. You'd find better service at Rome's major airport....which might insult the local Italians there who thought they were the worst staff on the face of the earth.

I can still remember that moment...when a mass of cancellations were handed down at 4PM, and I stood there in line for 90 minutes before they arranged my next day's trip. To get from NY City to Bama....I had to agree to fly Miami, then Orlando, then to Atlanta, then to Huntsville....a flight of fifteen hours total. That was the only way to fly out the next day.

Then came the discovery of no hotels near JFK's airport, and a total lack of help in getting you to some decent hotel.

Yes, I can understand the hostility...and the anger. Any fool that agrees to fly into the US...and go via an absolute fool. If you fly into Miami and reach a canceled flight've got twenty hotels within three minutes of the airport. Detroit? You've got around fifteen hotels within five minutes. Atlanta? Over forty hotels within ten minutes of the airport. Dallas? Almost twenty hotels within a ten-minute drive.

JFK? You have to board a van....then do a thirty minute drive into the heart of NY find a hotel that runs easily $150 to $250 a night. The van ride? A minimum of $20...only because you've got eight people onboard going to the same area.

A Donkey Story

So this is what transpired....some folks over at the Eagle River Presbyterian all fired up....and wanted a real active nativity scene out front. So Pastor Rob Wilson went out and borrowed two donkeys. We don't know their names...but they were supposed to be held within this nativity scene...within a fenced-in area.

At some point....on Wednesday night....the donkeys escaped.

By morning....someone driving by...apparently noticed the donkeys gone....and a donkey search was established.

Thankfully....snow had fallen the day before....and tracks were laid out in the snow.

So later....the donkeys were found down by the local railroad tracks. As in all cases with donkeys....they were just looking for trouble.

Fort Hood Shooter Revisited

The Fort Hood shooter episode continues on. So today, they report that the attorney working for the shooter....John P. Galligan....came immedately to the media to announce civil rights violations.

I looked over the comments. Basically...they finally came to allow Major Hasan to make phone calls and he called his brother. There are likely some rules spelled out in this "right". He is still in the military, you know.

At some point in the conversation...the chat was halted. Major Has and the brother switched from English to Arabic. This appears connected to a Islamic prayer, but we really don't know the entire story in this case.

The attorney, of course, is very upset about this rights violation.

When you join the end up losing some basic rights that a regular citizen might have. But the military always works on the side of the constitution....and there is some substitute of sorts. In this case....with languages....there is no substitute. They kinda expect you to speak English when you join, and use English throughout your career unless its an operational situation and your special language is required.

I'm fairly sure that the phone rules were spelled out to the Major before he was allowed to call. So he simply went on to challenge it. As for the legal challenge? The commander holding the Major....will listen to the challenge...spend a day reviewing it....and I'm guessing he will say that all conversations will be in English, period.

The thing joined the military on day one....displaying the ability to speak English, and it's an absolute requirement to use it. They aren't about to hand out special favors and allow this to change.