Saturday, 16 January 2010

The Hood Shooter

So the Army finally completed its review of leadership over our Army major who did the shooting in Fort Hood.

The Army decided that at least eight leaders within the Army....just plain screwed up.....and never did their real job of evaluating and managing. These eight guys will be disciplined in some fashion.

From the beginning....there were various hints over the last eighteen months that Major Hasan was up at Walter Reed....and the management staff could have taken various steps, but never did.

I've watched over these news reports, and frankly this is the medical profession of the Army that screwed up. Had this been an intelligence unit, or a supply unit, or a infantry unit.....I think the leadership would have done what was supposed to be done....and likely had him pushed out of the Army. But the medical profession is different.

I've come, over thirty years associated with the Air note that there is a bit of difference in management styles once you enter a medical facility. They are least likely to kick out a 'problem-child' and probably the last that would ever kick out a mental-issue guy.

The thing here is that any one of the eight guys being disciplined....could have stood up at some point and just plain laid into this junior officer and established some tough standards. The guy didn't readily show up for PT....he had weight issues.....and he continued to harp on a anti-US line. Just one guy could have stopped the guy and pushed him out....but it never happened.

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