Tuesday, 19 January 2010

British Weather and the Spiral

It is an odd event...since 1922, the BBC has utilized the Met Office of England to forecast weather. It's a contract thing...everybody always respected the Met Office and their weather forecasts for the national weather angle.

So this past week....we learned that the contract is up for bids...and it's a funny thing....the New Zealand weather office is up and possibly going to be picked as the winner of the BBC contract.

What happened?

Well...last summer...the Met Office screwed up royally and predicted the summer weather. They simply did a bad job and the public even laughed over the predictions given out. There is this point of responsibility....where the Met Office has lost respect.

The Met Office has run around and done some stupid thing with global warming along the way as well....so they have this list of problems that the public has attached to them. The funny thing....is that the New Zealand weather guys....just might steal their contract. This would be like some Canadian weather group walking into Bama....and winning all the contracts to predict weather in Alabama for the next five years.

So thats where we stand.

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