Tuesday, 19 January 2010

The Day

I spent the day across the river....in DC. My first real trip over into Sin City.

So I started with the Smithsonian...the American History building. It's free...you know. I spent around three hours walking around. It was a curious experience.....I had always dreamed of going to the Smithsonian and this was my first real visit. Every kid in America ought to get a day in the American History building.

The curious thing is that they utilize alot of graphics and there was the Presidental area. I had never quiet grasped the fact that from Andrew Jackson....on up to Grant....these were all one-term presidents. Lincoln may have won the second election but he never served it. So there's this long list of Presidents who just did one term and walked away.

I reached a point of overload and finally left after two hours. I walked up the street and came to the World War II memorial. It's a interesting place.....no place to really sit and observe it. The fountain is turned off during the winter period....which lessens the impact of the moment.

I walked on up the mall and hit the Vietnam War memorial. There were forty-odd people gathered....and one guy pointing out someone he knew to his relatives. It was an emotional moment for the guy....he was animated about the guy and went on to describe several events. On a spring afternoon.....there are probably dozens of folks who come to visit like this.

So I finished up with the Lincoln Memorial. It became this odd experience. There were around a hundred people within the Memorial....so it was a bit crowded. I stood and watched this 35-year old woman reading off the "Seven year and fore score speech" to a seven-year old kid. The kid didn't care. She was gazing at all the people. I looked around at a dozen parents who had dragged their young kids to the Memorial and the kids didn't care. There is this point where dragging a kid off for a DC trip doesn't make any sense.

The thing about a walk around DC.....is that you really have to walk. We aren't talking about a measly two or three miles. A five-hour trip means at least five miles of walking. You eventually get to a point where this walking gets to you. But you've got no choice. DC is basically this wide-open zone where walking is mandatory.

So that was my day. And I've got another 52-odd weekends like that.

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Momma Bear said...

lmao!! We used to jump on the tour bus.. you can pick them up at ANY tourist spot.. and pay your ticket for the entire day.. it's WORTH it! They are the ONLY ones.. who can drive into Arlington.. and you will love that place!! omg.. Washington DC has so much history.. one doesn't even know WHERE to begin! We used to pop into the city.. just to spend the day at a few of the museums on the Mall. Wait until there's some festival or something.. you're going to LOVE IT!

Be sure and get over to Mount Vernon... it's WORTH the visit! Gettysburg.. now, I can't imagine you not wanting to go there.. and spend a few days! Brandywine (PA), Philadelphia, Havre de Grace (Maryland) is a MUST go.. the weekend BEFORE the fourth of July! You'll never hear fireworks the same.. EVER again! Valley Forge is on the outskirts of Philly too! Umm.. I could go on and on.. Antitem.. bloodiest battle site of the Civil War (PA), Heck.. even take a run up to Hershey, PA.. and go to the amusement park. You may even want to go to Cabella's store.. it's also in PA. Delaware has lots to offer too! We always found ourselves heading north on weekends when we lived in Maryland.

Ok.. I'm gonna stop here!! You have LOTS of stuff to see! Get cracking!