Friday, 29 January 2010

The Freeze Issue

A number of folks came out today....especially from the Democratic say that any "freezes" to exist...MUST include the Department of Defense. They didn't mention Homeland Security...they are safe, but those evil DOD guys must be put in the "freeze" department to make everyone happy.

I sat and pondered over this for about eleven seconds. Then I came to an excellent suggestion.

Since there is a round-number in folks mind...for DOD to volunteer...I'd like to make this real easy. Normally, the SECDEF would pass the hat and tell everyone to cough up 1 percent of their total they find various pieces and parts to toss into this equal the magic number to make the Democrats happy.

My suggestion? End the war on drugs. Pull back every penny we pay various governments who pretend they are actually doing something. The truth is...if they really had an effect...cocaine and all the other drugs would be going up in price. They aren't. So there is zero affect on the war.

Yeah, I'm suggesting a pretty radical play here. Pile up all the millions and all the manpower involved in the drug war....and just say enough...we aren't winning. What would be the reaction of the Democrats over this suggestion? I would bet that they would suddenly hush up and scratch their head over this sudden 'fix'.

Course, we could go up to Boeing and say the tanker competition is dead again (the third time)...let those poor Washington state Boeing workers (mostly Democrats)...stand there in a furious state of mind.

The truth is that this all sounds good on TV and in front of the media. A month from now...they will have forgotten the whole thing.

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