Saturday, 2 January 2010

GPS Woes

Over the past couple of weeks...there have been several folks who used a GPS system out in the boonies and really got into deep snow and had to be rescued.

Each blamed the GPS for their problem.

I sat and pondered over this. I've had a GPS for two years now...and will swear by it. But you really need to use it and understand what it gives you. If you say to take the shortest route will do that, but you can't calculate that this route is safe or makes sense unless you pull out a map and start to analyze where it's asking you to go.

I once accidentally set my GPS to the shortest route possible...and ended up adding 1.5 hours onto a trip because it was looking at mileage only in savings. I quickly learned to use the default setting and never mess with this optional area.

In the cases demonstrated in the news...almost all of these folks got a brand new GPS and didn't fully grasp how to use it.'s their issue...not the GPS device.

I hate to suggest it...but you almost need to make people come to some 2-hour class...just to understand a GPS and the threats that it might pose.

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