Friday, 29 January 2010

Hot Steamy Unlusty Stuff

If you go over to Fox News...there is this item over John Edwards and his mistress, and some sex tape (Fox Quote):

John Edwards' former mistress filed a temporary restraining order seeking to wrest control of an alleged sex tape that is at the heart of a tell-all book about to be released by a onetime Edwards confidante.

I kinda sat there for about three minutes...envisioning a sex tape...with John Edwards, his hot lusty babe....and then I asked myself....what idiot would want to see, view or even pay for such a tape? The more I thought about this....the more my stomach tossed and turned....and I was thinking about taking some Rolaids.

So, we've come down so deep in the pit....that we'd actually be willing to watch John Edwards in some sexual act? I just can't see this happening. And the act by the mistress to gain control? Well....she might be hoping that she could market this better....but frankly....most of us would pay $3 to ensure we didn't have to watch Johnny doing the wild thing with his lusty gal.

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