Sunday, 31 January 2010

The Meeting

At my age....I've probably attended around fourteen hundred (1,400) meetings in my life. Meetings are long and drawn out. Ninety percent accomplish little to nothing. You would beg to get out of some of these. When a meeting runs past one hour.....I tend to start rubbing my knuckles and daydreaming.

This week.....I finally went to a meeting that was the most fascinating meeting (in fact, the only fascinating meeting) of my life. If you were charging money to attend.....I'd actually pay $3 at the door to attend.

So you are scratching your head, and wondering about this meeting?

Well, it's the Pentagon building facility meeting.'s the big guy of the Pentagon that runs all of the engineer business and projects related to fixing or keeping the building open.

The guy running it....a comedian of sorts. I would wish that some reality show would come up and just walk with this guy for eight hours a day....and put it on TV each night.

I was utterly fascinated.

You see, the Pentagon is about sixty years old. It's not a perfect work of art. It's been rebuilt dozens upon dozens of times. 9-11 shook the building at its roots.....but truthfully, you can't harm this building.

So on a daily basis.....there are all kinds of things going on....toilet spillages, power outages, broken escalators, broken fryers over at Popeye's Chicken, and water fountains that need to be fixed.

So for an hour, I was entertained. The meeting went from topic to topic....with history handed out every two minutes on this problem and what happened in 1988....and how this problem led to this fix....which led to another problem later.

The odds of me returning? new guy coming into the office is supposed to attend (he arrives next week). But I'm thinking (probably selflessly) that I ought to be attending this meeting.

So for an hour each might see me gleefully smiling over a silly meeting but in my mind, it's best damn meeting that a guy could ever attend. And yeah, I'll be there.

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