Sunday, 31 January 2010

Mighty Newburgh

The saga of the terrorist trial in New York City continues.

The trial appears to be headed to Newburgh, NY now. It's a town about sixty miles north of New York City. So downtown Manhattan is now safe. As for Newburgh? Well.....I just sat and watched an interview the the Orange County commissioner (Newburgh's area).....and basically, those folks aren't happy at all.

The commissioner's threat? He says he can shut down roads throughout the county, and he might have another dozen powers that the Federal guys never anticipated as being a threat. I'm guessing various lawyers are stepping in and making suggestions here. The power to turn off electricity? I don't know.....but I'm guessing that the county commission just might have that power. The ability to turn off water and sewage? Same thing.

There may be a federal building in Newburgh....but it is awful dependent on the county for functions. From water, sewage and electricity, to garbage and security....the county has a major function in how the federal building there works.

I'm guessing as the next week unfolds....Newburgh is going to show itself to have more powers than the Federal government realized. What's left then? If you want any terrorist case held in New York state....which appears to be the agenda.....then you are left to a Army or Air Force base. No county can truly threaten its local military base....without a massive reaction. If a commander deems some local town or county is threatening him, his mission or his people....he orders a ban on that district. That means no purchases, no beer sold, and no tax revenue. A six-month long case.....could bankrupt a local town if a commander put up a ban.

The other alternative? Go to Gitmo, and run the case there. Over the past week, I've heard several political figures from both parties starting to suggest this. I don't think the President wants to admit defeat yet....but it'll be curious how he overcomes the mighty powers of a little town in New York state.

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