Saturday, 23 January 2010

Union Joe & Banker Bob

It has been roughly 48 hours since the dramatic news that the Supreme Court struck down the law over limits of business and union contributions to political campaigns. I will offer this observation.

First, while everyone is running around the media and telling of you of the impending troubles of this dramatic change....actually, over the years...both the unions and businesses have figured out a dozen various ways of getting past this law, and dumping plenty of money to their hired hand or against their sworn enemy. I realize this is a shocker to some of you.

If you walk back to Hillary's election effort...there in the midst of it...was this Korean family...who were each writing various checks in the thousands to Hillary's campaign effort. We aren't talking about a measly $500 either. Comments were made by various news analysts when this came out and it looked awful some high name Korean corporation effort...but nothing ever came of an investigation.

So while the news analysts of CNN, Fox and ABC run in circles telling of the woes to come this fall...I'm basically going to make the suggestion that the money spent this fall...likely equals mostly what the average amount was always. The banks, the corporations, and the unions...will dump the tricks they used...and go back to direct deposit. That's it.

Now...if there were more cash...not that I would suggest that...but who would benefit?

This is the question that you won't hear by CNN.

Cash is no good unless you openly spend it. So you are in the midst of a campaign...running a good show....and here comes the teacher's union to help you out with $300k. You can't hold have to spend it.

So here are your options. First, you could hire some big-name associate from DC to come in and help run your show...and pay him his $30k a week that he demands (note the fact that big name guys from DC showing up in Tulsa probably won't be worth a penny in effort). You could walk into the local newspaper...which probably is bankrupt and all happy to see you with money in your hand. You could walk into the local AM station and do two hundred commercials in the midst of NCAA football games. You could even walk into Channel 9 of Boise with the $300k and bring smiles to the manager's face.

So's political stimulus.

I realize you are freaking out from this suggestion...but really and truly, it's stimulus with newspapers, TV, radio and big-name pretender political experts. So as you sit there and think of this as stimulus....then you start to believe in it as being a good thing. Because all stimulus is good....right? Well...we've been told this...even if it was shovel-ready was still good.

So as CNN, Fox, and the Today Show geeks go and chat like wild monkey's on this can sit there....resting and reassured...that it's really more stimulus for America...and feel good.

Face it...for you personally....does it matter if you see some political figure fifty times in a month on TV or three times on TV? So as Union Joe and Banker Bob dump the money this fall...don't get too upset. Nothing much really changed. You've still got the same ole corrupt political figures that you had before.

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