Saturday, 20 February 2010

The 51-Scenario

As things unfolded this week....the 51-vote deal (for the senate) to get some kind of universal health care package passed moved to the next step.

The meeting with the Republicans? I'd say at this's pretty much a useless effort. You'd be just as well off to go and attend a Jerry Springer show that day.

So what happens next? This package of sorts....which is probably fifty percent of what they'd originally envisioned....gets passed and for one weekend on various's the only thing that folks can find to discuss. After two days of discussion....most folks will ask how exactly this improves anything, and then the media circus will tear down the tent and move onto Tiger Woods or a new banking scandal.

We then move to a curious event. You've got around a dozen states that either have have or will pass legislation to question the authority of the government over this. Various attorney generals will proceed to the Supreme Court, and it's a fairly interesting case that then develops. The court? Based on the Constitution....they will likely toss the legislation and put the entire question of health care back at step one.

The blame here? Squarely at the Supreme Court. I think at this point.....this is the only point of this entire game. You gain a segment of American society blaming either the Republicans or the Supreme Court for lack of health care.

An orchestrated effort? Perhaps the intended purpose from June of 2009 to today? This is hard to say. I hate to compare politics to wrestling but you are starting to see these various scenarios laid out, where step one is bad guy #1 meets good guy #1, and this alliance develops, then they break up and battle each other. Then good guy #2 gets involved, then the wife of bad guy #1, and then the ring announcer announces that he's really a wrestler in disguise.....and then a royal rumble occurs.

If this is the best that we can do as a nation or a republic.....then it's pretty much the end of civilization and reality. The only hope that Dusty Rhodes and Hulk Hogan arise from the ashes and take on all the good guys and bad guys.

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