Thursday, 25 March 2010

The Best of TV News

You can often tell when there's not much news to report...when you watch MSNBC, Fox or CNN. They start to analyze each other and try to report it as news.

I sat this morning and watched thirty minutes of MSNBC. They ran clips of Glenn Beck, and then brought in their Glenn Beck "analyst" to explain how Beck's history was wrong. This all centered around the comparison of evolutionary and revolutionary champions. On one side were were the Franklin, Madison & Jefferson crew and on the other side were the modern day progressive/socialist crew (the interior of the Obama administration as Beck would say).

I sat for five minutes waiting for some intelligent analysis...and this was mostly stuff you'd expect out of a first-year college student research paper.

You'd rather hear about actual news but then these guys run so much garbage these days...that you can't expect a lot.

One of these days...stations will eventually get around to analyzing each channel nine's news crew looking at channel twelve's news crew. When this happens...we'll switch to Animal Planet and just give up.

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