Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Local Nut

Here's the deal. Here in Arlington...back around early December...there was this ad of sorts to work for the FBI. A couple of folks applied and one guy was hired. So he comes to work for this 29-year old gal and there's all this talk of their work for the CIA and various other government agencies. Our young guy had to sign paperwork for his security clearance (which had all that sensitive data such as addresses and social security).

So our young naive guy shows up and I'm guessing it's a small office arrangement...not in a government building...but he continues to believe things are legit.

After Christmas...our young naive guy is told by his boss that they are going overseas to Germany...on a classified mission. He visits his parents and tells them the great news of his future with the agency.

So his boss comes and takes him. A couple of days later...the boss calls the parents and tells them not to call the son because it's a sensitive and classified mission. A couple of days pass....and the son finally calls. They never left the US and he'd been ordered to stay in the hotel room with his boss.

The parents waited a day or two and then called the FBI. An investigation took off and finally this week....charges laid out for a local gal, Brenna Reilly.

I pondered over everything. Brenna is a ID thief...I'm guessing. She's likely got a fair amount of money squirreled away and I have my personal doubts that she will remain in the local area. The guy involved? I kinda feel sorry for him because he basically quit his good job....to work for some dimwit like this....thinking he was getting a real government job.

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