Tuesday, 16 March 2010

The Problem Man

If you had a problem....any problem....can you think of any reason why the best guys to fix your problem would be a Representative from Congress or a Senator?

I sat and pondered this today....with words from a major newspaper announcing that Senator Chris Dodd is writing up a bill to save our banking system.

It's a funny thing....here was Chris Dodd for the past four years as the chief of the Senate banking committee...watching the slipping and sliding of the bank system through all of last year. And now....he's the guy to fix the problems?

Something about this...doesn't make much sense.

The complexity of Dodd's bill? I sat and tried to analyze it via 100-line newspaper article. After a minute...I put it down. You start to get the impression that some special lobbyist guy wrote the thing for Dodd....either to help banks or to kill the banks. It's hard to decide which. In the end....I suspect that since Dodd sat and watched the boat sink last year....he's probably not capable of fixing any real banking problem, and this is a joke.

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