Tuesday, 16 March 2010

The Way It Goes

Usually....folks play by some rules....and life goes on.

Then you have some cases...where rules got tossed, and you get screwed.

So, there was this AF NCO....Jene Newsome....who quietly played out her situation as a lesbian....and eventually quietly married her partner. The partner ended up in trouble...and the cops came to serve papers and possibly arrest the partner. This all played out at Ellsworth AFB, North Dakota....a base outside of Rapid City.

The city cops decide to search the house....come upon a marriage license between the partner and Jene....and then make the decision to turn it over to the base.

The base took the document...processed Jene via the gay rules...and discharged her back in January.

There's alot you can ask about this. Why did the cops turn the seized document over to the base? Is it standard procedure to take evidence seized and just hand it to the Air Force? What written rules by the city of Rapid City exist over private documents taken and who might eventually get control of the documents?

I wrote out a blog about three months ago over this trend of third parties who get into the "don't ask & don't tell" policy. It's one of the weakest part of the policy. You have jealous lovers, jealous friends, or wannabe cops who determine their rules as they slide by each day.

In this case...I'd like to see some kind of "justice"...but I doubt that this is possible. The problem is that we all try to play by the rules...in our own way. Sometimes....it's just not enough.

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