Monday, 26 April 2010

My Trip

I spent the weekend in Bama....visiting the old homestead.

It was an interesting experience. I haven't been through a tornado watch in twenty years. Sure darkness filled the skies on Saturday afternoon....I stood outside and suddenly heard the siren come on in the local town (four miles away). I gazed at the cows...all facing one direction (it's hard to find eight cows that statistically would all point in one direction at one time). I obviously had a bad feeling...and it only got worse (the second siren from the next town over (another four miles) came on then.

So I went in the house where my folks and my brother were sitting and watching Channel Nineteen weather (they are the trusted source, more or less). They had the weather dude on and here was the track of the storm. It was twenty miles from us and it'd never come any closer. But we stuck to the TV watching this.....almost like a NASCAR event.

The weather dude went on for forty-five minutes....describing who should stay and who should run. Minute by minute analysis was handed out.

Thirty years ago...they'd basically say there was a storm and give some basic ideas about where. This was absolutely precise and you had dozens of statistics to pour over while watching.

I'm guessing everyone in the country was watching this....and getting some excitement out of this....although it wasn't going to ever touch down in our county.

Then it came to an end. It was like a climax of a NASCAR event....the thing was done and you could rest now.

In the old ran to the storm cellar or the basement and just sat there hoping nothing happened. Things were vastly different now...with technology at our front door and in digital format.

I really don't care to repeat the experience'd been years since the last experience and I just don't get the thrill like some folks.

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