Thursday, 6 May 2010

Albanians versus Latinos

As of yesterday, immigration reform is now the number one agenda of the administration and thus the house and least the President says this.

Cap and trade is now practically dead...with the oil business in the Gulf. The bank revision business is going to be watered down a fair bit. And there's not much the administration can do about this makes perfect sense.

Does it help in the November elections? Yes, in about fifteen matters. This guarantees about three Democratic senators to keep their jobs...and gives away at least two Democratic senators entirely. The idea will be to get and illegal...into registration offices and get them to vote. That fixes a major issue in the mind of the President.

Passage in the House and Senate? Thats a funny thing. In southern California, New Mexico, and Arizona....things are rather heated over this topic and the locals really don't want to keep the border in a open status. Any reform...will be some method of really shutting down the border...and that won't sit well with most Latinos.

I sat and pondered over this. It's a funny thing...when you say illegal's automatically a Latino. The vast majority of illegal immigrants in America? Latinos. Yes, there are alot of Chinese and various Arab folks...but the Latinos probably run around seventy percent or more.

The curious thing is that hundreds of thousands of various other ethnic groups are sitting in Nigeria, Thailand, and Albania....and they aren't getting their shot of being blessed as a illegal immigrant turning into a legal immigrant. Yes, this game is being rigged for Latinos only...if you stand back and look at this.

The best idea I've heard in the past six months over this entire to restart the concept of Ellis Island immigration. You enter via a port, do your papers there, and walk straight into the nation as a person on a three-year period of naturalization.

My vision? You register to immigrate get a pass...then you fly into one of five different airports (and only those five). You go through a process line of folks and then you get stamped. It may take twelve hours...but it's the simple method of allowing entry like this.

If I were an Albanian sitting there for fifteen years to get into the US legally....I'd be terribly upset with the President. My relatives in the US? They ought to be terribly upset. Anybody of a minority other than Latinos...trying to play this game fairly...ought to be upset with the President's game which gives special favors only to Latinos out of this entire deal...just for a vote.

The border? Well...I'd forget about deploying thousands of military troops and just put a real authentic border fencing system. Complaints from the neighbors? and just wave when they say anything negative. You don't have to be upset with them being angry. It's your backyard...not theirs.

So the summer promises to be long and hot....and a number of folks are going to ask stupid questions by late August over why Albanians aren't special enough to be even-par with Latinos. And frankly, the President can't answer that.

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