Tuesday, 15 June 2010

9-11 Equals Gulf Mess?

There was a presidential visit to the Gulf yesterday....and somewhere in the midst of speeches and sound bytes....there was the equalization of 9-11 to the Gulf BP mess.

After this was uttered, a number of folks went into analytical mode and were either for the comment or against the comment.

I sat and pondered over this for about five minutes....and then figured that the number of shootings in DC over an entire year equates to a third-world country running amok.

I also equated George W. Bush with Andrew Jackson....just because.

And I equated Wal-Mart donuts with Dunkin Donuts....but not Krispy Kreme.

When you get around to equating....it's a funny business. You try to compare Pete Rose with Ty Cobb....and it's really not possible. Or you compare a Camero with a Mustang, or perhaps McDonald's burgers with Wendy's burgers.

Some folks need to equate....to make things fit into their mind. Eventually these equate-freaks can compare Toyota-made cars with Chrysler-made cars....at least in their mind....they are of the same quality. Once you reach this status....your mind is pretty much shot.

As for 9-11 and the Gulf BP mess? Well....the truth is that the Gulf mess will eventually come under control and the BP crews will disappear from the beach clean-up business (maybe three years from now...but it will eventually happen). And just like the Alaskan episode with the Exxon Valdez episode....most folks come to forget the entire matter after ten years. Within twenty years....no one will be able to remember what company was involved in this Gulf matter. But 9-11? Well....that's kinda different....it's an Normandy invasion moment....folks don't forget this very easily.

The bright side of this comparison? Well....we will be able to get both Gulf BP experts and 9-11 experts on this upcoming weekend....in one forum....and you'd never think it'd happen. It's like one wrestling generation meeting up with another wrestling generation. They will argue on CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, Fox News and NBC. And come Monday of next week....hopefully....we've got a new and fresh topic to discuss.

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