Monday, 14 June 2010

The Brits Have It

I read a fair amount of British newspapers...and a story popped out this morning. Over in the British Isles....there's this new trend.

The National Health Service (the British universal health care program) sponsoring a booklet to handout to pension's a sex manual for senior citizens.

It's a booklet thats given out as part of the national health program (figure around $16 that it would cost....if you had to actually pay for it)....detailing senior citizen benefits of sexual activity and how to go out and get some.

Naturally, it covers Viagra....which the health system will cover free of charge...and the need for safe sex.

And yes, it does cover the various acts that some folks may have forgotten about or missed during their earlier years. "Explicit" would probably be the word used by most folks who come upon the booklet.

Don't worry....our program will end up with booklets like this after 2013 as well....if you were wondering.

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