Saturday, 31 July 2010

Lack of Credible Evidence

The Portland District Attorney surveyed the mess, and finally called Al Gore this let him know that his problems were over. There just wasn't enough credible evidence (at least not yet).

Al probably sat back in the easy chair....sipped a Michelob beer....and kept thinking about the astonishing amount of luck that a plain country boy from Tennessee can have. He went to Nam and never saw a day of action. He didn't put any effort into education but still pulled degree out of Harvard. Then he got into divinity school at Vanderbilt and shuffled around there. Then he got into politics and eventually got to be Vice President of the United States. And finally, he did something special enough to get a Nobel Peace Prize.

A country boy can't have this much luck.

What's next? It'd be a natural tendency to ask that. I'm personally hoping that Al meets up with Jessica Simpson and marries her. Then we could have a 5-star reality show.

As for lack of credible evidence? happens. Unless you tape the incident or have a witness....the DA can just toss the case. One would hope that it wasn't taped....because that would mess up this entire know.

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