Sunday, 25 July 2010

Movie Day

I went out and watched a movie today. At least it got me out of the apartment and into an very cool place as the temperatures sat around 101 degrees.

I sat and watched Inception. Basically, if you got into probably would get into this movie. It requires you to go off and think outside of the box. And at the conclusion is fairly positive...compared to most movies you watch today.

The big part of the experience today? I stood there yet again and was shocked over the pricing of sodas and popcorn. A small Coke ran around $4.25, and a small popcorn around $4.50. So you are spending around $10....and if you had gone'd been $15. I felt silly with this pricing scheme. Maybe those fifteen years outside of the US influenced me on this and the rare occasions that I ever went to a theater during that period...but spending $10 for a little bit of popcorn and a average sized soda....just doesn't cut it.

I realize the theater guys are desperate for profit....but the popcorn is lousy, and the Coke has a funny it's pretend-to-be Coke and not the real thing. It would upset me greatly to learn they have some Wal-Mart cheapo Coke offering instead.

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