Monday, 16 August 2010


While it's not mentioned much in the big press....CBS has this thing that they are exploring. They'd like to just pay Katie Couric off in some fashion and let her go early. The time schedule that keeps getting mentioned is after the November elections. The funny thing is that they kept hinting that back in 2008....and it never happened.

The problem for CBS News is that it's locked in a unprofitable situation and Katie's salary is draining resources. It's Katie, the production crew, and then a number of guys around the world on a tight budget. Unlike the days of Dan....when they had six to ten big-name reporters and could spend time telling a's mostly Katie telling a story back in the studio because they can't get big-name help.

Why didn't the 2008 episode occur where she was to be paid off and sent to 60 Minutes? Well....they kept looking at the salary and hiring someone at that only do 60 Minutes didn't make sense. I'm guessing they tried to get her into a new deal, and she just smiled and said no.

So if this finally happens at the end of this year....then what? Some folks hinted that NBC would welcome her back. I was thinking it'd be neat to have her and Matt together....maybe with baseball bats....on the Today Show. I'm pretty sure that won't happen though.

A evening NBC 60 Minutes-type show? Well.....I doubt that they could sustain the audience and the salary that she'd want. If CBS couldn't sustain their team....NBC won't do much better.

This past week.....there was a couple of suggestions that CNN might be interested. But it's hard to see them getting into a relationship because they are spiraling on profits currently, and just want good cheap help.

It's too bad that President doesn't need a new press spokesman.

So I'm guessing that Katie will refuse the CBS deal to take the lesser money to leave early. She'll hold onto the deal until the full contract runs out. Just my humble opinion.

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