Saturday, 7 August 2010

You Broke the Secret Law

Imagine for a moment that you lived somewhere...where you got a traffic ticket one day...then you asked the traffic cop what the ticket was for, and they basically refused to say. You ask them to cite the paragraph...and they refuse to answer that question.

So eventually...enough people around get upset and they go to the local TV network and explain this puzzling problem...because the political folks just won't get involved.

So the network goes out and they ask and receive a 110-page binder. It's a curious thing because there's the chapter over how traffic wardens should act. There's the chapter over when tickets should be issued.

Then you start to notice that various pages have been blacked out, which have to do with the rules which trigger tickets to be issued.

You go back and ask about this, and the traffic folks respond that if drivers knew this information...they would lose respect for traffic law and try to work around the rules. So these rules are kept secret. Yes, instead of obeying the rules...the public would try to get around them.

Then when you got to an irrated moment and started asking very intense questions, you learned that the traffic guys had this funny strategy...they wanted to make things simple so there would be no big arguments over the "small print", so this all made perfect sense.

You were kinda peeved about this and you actually wanted to dig into this mess...but then they said this was protected information and even the freedom of information rules didn't apply.

So you went off to the city chief parliamentarian who is the final judge on rules, and he agrees with you on this...there can't be secret traffic rules. Then your traffic folks decline to obey even this guy.

The town? Copenhagen, Denmark.

And you think you got problems?

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