Monday, 25 October 2010

Just A Moment of Pondering

The WikiLeaks episode continued this past week....with the next release of intelligence messages.

I sat and pondered over this mess.

You can sit there and imagine these geeky WikiLeaks folks...sitting around and reading intelligence messages written by E-2's or 2Lt's with barely a year of military training...and trying to grasp what they meant by "movement", "causalities", or "estimates". Then you take into consideration that the geeky folks never took any social science classes in college...and the worst threat they ever faced was a MAC hard drive that failed on a Sunday night before exams.

The amusing thing is a bunch of geeky folks are pretending that they are serving the world and providing “justice”. These are the same folks who don’t believe in copyright protection, and anarchism tends always be in their top ten priorities.

Then you look where these "heroes" of our society live....strangely enough...all live in free societies with the biggest worry is having adequate bandwidth. They all count on cops being there to protect them from evil. They count on the sewage folks providing adequate sanitation.

So at the end of the day....Jimmy, Freddy, and Julian will protect us all from evil. The only question is...who will protect when Jimmy, Freddy and Julian lose their perception on life, and start to harm us? A Wiki-Wiki-Leaks organization?

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