Thursday, 28 October 2010

The Wrong Folks to Mess With

You aren't hearing much on the least for the next couple of days...but WikiLeaks is about to come up gasping for air.

Yes, it is true that WikiLeaks is going to publish more classified Pentagon messages.  And a month from now.....I expect them to release another batch of messages.  And a month after that, another batch of messages.

Frankly, the drama is now dead.  The public doesn't care much.  The key sign?  They hinged the big releases to involve certain key newspapers in Europe, and the New York Times.  To be honest, people of influence have kinda dropped the New York Times, and its significance in the world is less than a decade ago.  So public outage is pretty much a little above marginal.

As for my original hint of gasping for air?  Well, that has nothing to do with the Pentagon's secret messages.  Instead, it has to deal with secret Russian email, from Russian businessmen, Russian government officials, and from Russian folks of importance.  WikiLeaks somehow got itself into a position of acquiring these....I'm guessing via an American "helper" (strictly a guess).

What Julian Assange and the remainder of leadership of WikiLeaks haven't that the Russians have KGB and Mafia guys on the payroll.  If they aren't happy....they kill people.

I suspect that WikiLeaks has taken on a five-star treasure of leaks and just figured that the Russians would act the same way as the a civilized manner.  That was probably a stupid gamble.

Over the next couple of weeks....I'm expecting the WikiLeaks management crowd to dwindle they scatter and admit they don't want much to do with the mess.  Julian Assange?  I think he'll disappear for a couple of months.  Just a humble guess.

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