Sunday, 19 December 2010

The Biggest Political Episode of the Year

It's been an interesting year.  If I measured up everything....I'd have to say the health care bill passage probably ended up as the biggest news item.  It paved the way for the November elections and pretty much soured the public on how things are done in DC.  It also turned negative for Democrats even down into the states and local districts who thought they were fairly secure back in March.

The curious thing....we all sit here now and the effects of the bill have yet to occur and are at least two years from anything that could make us feel different.

Will the law stand the legal test?  I'm betting issues occur where the Supreme Court tosses out various pieces and you end up with a loser of a health support system, which we all laugh about in the end.  The curious thing is that some doctors are already drawing a line on the customer base, and refuse to add new customers to their practice.  So you could have as many great laws as you want....but if you can't find a doctor to take your might as well live in Cuba.

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