Friday, 17 December 2010

Just Pray a Little

It is an odd report tonight....New Hampshire Democrats are now saying that a Republican “Bible Belt agenda” exists....and it's asking folks to pray to God to heal America.

Naturally, Democrats are worried about this agenda.  They'd prefer the public not get into a prayer mentality....or that we invoke God into government affairs.  The last thing that a Democrat would want in New a miracle of sorts occurring, and everyone running around thanking God for fixing up the state.

So the Republicans have jumped up and feel insulted over this Democratic comment, and they want an apology. They think that this anti-God agenda and anti-prayer agenda by the an absolute insult.

It kinda feels like being in a dry county in Bama....with a bunch of Baptists telling you about Satan and beer....before they sit down on your back porch to sip some of your beer offerings.

The truth is....a true Democratic or Republican political figure....believes that only money can fix the woes of a situation, and they'd hate to get into invoking God to heal anything.  If a new $62 million highway extension program is the answer....then that's more effective than a bunch of guys sitting around praying.  This praying business would never bring a highly overpriced highway extension into the big picture.

Thank God for American politics.

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