Wednesday, 15 December 2010

My Day

This morning....I kinda got off ten minutes late, and noted on the way into the Pentagon that cop cars were pretty active.  Everyone was kind of excited.

I didn't ask any questions and just entered the building.

What apparently occurred around 7AM was some guy looking over into a trash can and noting some blinking lights.  Naturally, he got all excited and told the cops.  In the twinkle of an instant, with Santa's anxiety on their shoulders, the cops felt it might be a suspicious package.  So the whole Pentagon METRO station was shut down.

A bomb team was brought in and they spent almost an hour on the look and see over this blinking light situation in the garbage can.

Finally, they decided that this was a batter-operated blinking Christmas ornament, and gave the thumbs up.

This all-clear was given around 8:44 AM.

This is the sad situation of life around DC today.  Every single thing is a suspicious object and it's making life miserable for folks.

The train was stopped from passing the METRO site for at least thirty minutes.  And when they let it pass....they refused to let it stop at the Pentagon for another thirty minutes.  So a bunch of guys got off and had to figure alternate means of getting over to the Pentagon.  I'd estimate that over 10k folks were affected by this Christmas light episode.

Kinda sad....if you think about it.

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