Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Not That It Really Matters

If you challenged a great writer to write 1,924 pages of text....it'd be a hard and difficult thing to accomplish.  If you added the requirement that it had to be a spending bill....just to spend money....it'd typically be twice as hard.  Then you suggested that 20,000 earmarks have to be tossed onto almost 2k pages of texts....and you'd just laugh and say impossible.

But in America, we have men of legendary writing ability.  And yes, they can write 1,924 pages into a spending bill that would make even Democrats happy (although Republicans aren't apparently happy).  In fact, some Republicans are saying that they just won't agree to this much money...over $1.1 trillion....being used in a wasteful way.

The folks who into the upset mode for voting back in November....probably are sitting there and wondering how exactly any idiot would just keep toss money away after the results of the election.  My suspicion is that November 2012 is barely 23 months away now.  If I were some Democrat in a standing authority of leadership....I might want to rebuild my connection back to public.  You don't have time to waste.

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