Tuesday, 7 December 2010

WikiLeaks Continued

The WikiLeaks crowd woke to another problem today.  The Swiss postal guys....who operate a state-run banking system in addition to their post office job....dumped WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange from using their system with his fundraising efforts.

They came out and accused him of being a liar and shut off his account.  Julian apparently sent over a form as he opened the account and claimed that he had a place of residence during the account opening episode....which was simply not true at that point in time.

The Swiss postal folks mandate that you have to show some kind of proof of being a Swiss resident (not that you have to be a citizen....but you have to live there).  He couldn't do that.

It's a curious thing how WikiLeaks operates.  They need hardware and data storage.  They need an IP and service provider.  It's not a garage operation anymore.  I would guess their needs are close to a million a year to run the "business".  Julian's pay?  For the most part....I don't think he gets paid, but they cover his expenses....which might drift up around $70k minimum a year.

Without an apparatus to bring money in via donations....it'll be difficult to maintain this network for an extended period of time.    I suspect alot of the supporters of the WikiLeaks mission are beginning to get lessons in business operations and are shocked how their goal is closely related to money and funding.  It's almost like a religious channel....with daily offerings tied to some donation at the end of the show to keep Reverend Jimmy boosted up enough to run for another week on the channel.

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