Sunday, 17 January 2010

Car Rental Hell

I had done ok with my rental car business since arriving. Yesterday, I was supposed to turn in the vehicle and go car-free.....but the Sears guys had my bed to come in....and would not deliver. So I made this decision to swap in the small car....get a SUV....and pick up the bed to take back.

The Alamo guys gave me this Ford SUV.....and barely 50 feet out of the place....the air pressure warning came on. I thought....I had already circled the vehicle and everything looked I figured it was a minor issue. I drove out to Wal-Mart, then onto Sears....and finally home.....almost 30 miles in length.

I pulled into the apartment complex and looked at the tires....and one was 70 percent flat. Yep. And it was hot as heck. I was lucky the tire didn't blow out.

So this morning, I put on the spare.....and checked it out.....big screw in the tire. I'm guessing it has a slow leak. The problem is.....I don't really want to pay for a stupid tire that already had issues before I picked it up.

So I filled the tire up with air this afternoon.....and will put this original tire back on the vehicle just outside of the airport....and see if I can just turn the dang thing in and not get assessed an entire tire on my costs.