Monday, 18 January 2010

You Could Write Like Steinbeck

It's an interesting deal. You go to Amazon, under the Kindle area....and you publish your own book. Naturally, it's in digital format....not paper. You keep 35 cents of every dollar made as your profit, and you keep the rights to the book. The price for the book online? You the owner.....set the price.

I sat and pondered over this. It used to take a mountain of effort to write and publish a book. You had to send the publication to various publishers and then sit and wait two or three months for someone to say they liked the book. Then they got into the profits of the book....where you might get a tidy check of $5k or $10k or $20k, with a certain percentage of the profits (usually a tiny amount). The publishing company got to rake in the big money.

So this presents some interesting choices. A guy could sit down and write two hundred pages of advice on hunting and fishing in Bama.....and actually sell three hundred copies of his book (mostly to his buddies) $2 a copy.....he'd actually go home with about $200 in his pocket. Another guy could write various bits of drama at his high school reunion with three hundred pages of text.....and maybe take home $400 for his effort.

A guy could even take his blog, and find the best two hundred writings....and put them into some book for Kindle, and maybe take home $500.

Does this change the landscape? Yes, anybody can now be a published writer....and at $2 a book, you just might be able to attract a couple hundred folks to read your book. The negative side of this is that we might just triple up the number of writers in America and dump alot of crap on the market for folks to read. But considering the amount of crap that real book companies are already dumping onto the public.....maybe it doesn't matter.

So, if you are sitting there....fantizing over some dream gal at the local Dunkin Donuts and you've got this real neat fantasy romance ("Wanda @ Dunkin", I'm giving you the title of the book already)......then you could publish a money-winner. Or if you need real juicy about a fictional piece covering a corrupt county commission and their stimulus package that went astray? Or, my final idea, a humorous piece on a rural female veterinarian who gets kidnapped by crazed Mennonite farmer to tend to his dog?

Who twelve months......a bunch of Bama guys may be running around and claiming they are published authors and possibly in the running for the Nobel Prize for Literature. Stranger things have happened, you know.