Monday, 25 January 2010

New York City and Mr. Kelly

The police commissioner of New York Raymond W. Kelly. There is likely another another soul in the city respected as Mr. Kelly. When he typically says can pretty much bet your paycheck that he's accurate. Cops respect him. Political figures respect him. Even the news media respects him.

Today....he came out and laid down this mess of trying these terrorists in New York currently planned by the US Attorney General. It's a four-star mess. The curious thing is that no one ever came and asked his opinion on this matter. No one from the Attorney General's one from the mayor's office. No one. So Commissioner Kelly says that examinging the use of Governor's now on the table.

If you don't know much about Governor's's a unique place. It's about a half-mile off the coast of Manhattan, and about 172 acres of property. The city basically owns the whole island and there is no true business operations or even people living on the island.

You see....what Commissioner Kelly is beginning to that this entire trial is about to become a huge magnet for trouble. The present location and the people living around that location? Furious.....they don't want the case tried downtown, period. The Commissioner is beginning to add up the amount of trouble.....and he's going to likely tell the mayor and the attorney general where they can hold the case. If they decline....that's ok....but the New York City police are a key player in this game....and Commissioner Kelly doesn't have to play his team in this effort.

This then bring us to another interesting episode. The millions in extra security for this case? Well....someone is going to eventually turn to the Attorney General and ask for the cash to pay for everything. The cost for security? If it stays downtown......I'd bet on $75 million. If it were moved to the Island....maybe half that amount. Note: these are my numbers.....not any official office.

So quietly tonight....the attorney general is sitting there and wondering how he has to play this game quietly with the cops of New York.