Thursday, 28 January 2010

The Problem with Bad Ethics

It's an interesting end to the review by the authorities in the UK over the climate change scandal and the stolen e-mails.

The authorities are very clear....the university broke the law by refusing to hand over its raw data for public viewing. Britain has this law.....the Freedom of Information Act...which mandates a government entity will turn data over, if requested. The University of East Anglia and its leadership...broke that law.

But here is the fascinating thing...the Information Commissioner's Office decided that while the University failed here....they can't be prosecuted because the complaint was made too late.

I sat there laughing over this. You basically have a major breakage of trust and honesty...not to mention a huge violation of ethics...and the government can't do anything.

Naturally, there is something that can be done. You drag up the president of the University...and the folks who are at the heart of maintaining the data...and you toss some ethics violations at them...and demand they be fired. Since you can't trust them anymore....there's not much reason to keep them around.

As each week goes by since the e-mail release...I tend to find another event that really challenges me to trust the global warming crowd. This event...with no legal method to threaten the players with jail time or a fine...simply adds a significant layer of distrust on the whole cause.

It's like some minister standing in a church....quoting a chapter out of the Bible.....but it was an entirely fictional chapter which is non-existent. After you realize this...would you really listen to this guy again?

Will anything happen to terminate these guys? It's hard to say. This is the UK...and folks have been fired before. It'll depend on the press and how they come down on this news.

Andy and Barney Today

In my hometown....which shall go Bama, this week has become a 5-star spectacular episode.

The town police chief (a one-man office of sorts).....has a number of part-time deputies (doing it free but getting "credit" in some fashion to help get a real deputy job later). There are around seven of these guys.

Over the past year or two....things in this town of 300-odd folks, and an extended area of 2,000 probably.....have gotten a bit out of hand.

We can't directly point a finger at "Andy" or at the "Barneys".....but they pretty much upset a big group of the locals. So the town council got dragged into a dilemma. The best we can say presently is that "Andy" got spared (presently), and all the "Barneys" got terminated or relieved.

Furious "Barneys"? Yes, without much doubt.

Here's the problem....and it's going around every community in America today. You've got wannabe cops who basically want to play cops and play the intimidation game. They'd like to get paid, but for the time being.....they'd do it freely and work up to get a real job later.

The issue with wannabe cops? They aren't interested in the local citizens or law or their town. To be honest....they'd like big-time crime but they wouldn't know how to handle it if it did occur. They'd like to impress people with their vast professionalism.....that leaks oil like a 1966 Farmall tractor.

So we've gone from the Mayberry era with a simple but honorable Barney with one some incompetent fools who are even lesser than Barney Fife. Barney would have been defended in a town council meeting by a hundred members of the community. These "Barneys"? They really didn't have that kind of support. That kinda says something.

Oh, and as if I left "Andy" out? Well....a real "Andy" would have put his "Barneys" in place....but this guy couldn't. So he is lesser the "Andy" as well.

How long does "Andy" stay? That would be a curious thing. My guess is that he's talking to associates and working up some deal in another town. Once you get bad vibes, you start to take measures in a different fashion.

Feeling Good About the Freeze

Here's the thing about this dramatic topic to be put out tonight with the President, and the upcoming "FREEZE". The President's agenda....a couple of key groups still continue on....but the rest are frozen for three save America.

It does sound great.

But sit and ponder this. The President presents this budget. It passes. Senator Tubby comes up six months later....getting a call from his buddy in the Forestry Department....serious issues and budget problems. Senator Tubby rigs up this one-time put road and bridge funds in a bill and hand the Forestry guys $455 million. Whatever they really lost....they got the money back.

Representative Stinky....gets a call from the National Park guys in his state.....serious issues with their budget. He sits down....rigs up a nice bill to give this one national park group around $12 million for a upgrade project and cabin enhancement deal. Whatever they really lost....they the the money back.

So as the smoke clears....and clears.....and begin to realize that nothing really and truly got cut. The money just got shuffled and shifted. And the truth feel good, and still have nice cabins out in your local national park area.

It's a feel-good deal. And life goes on.