Saturday, 30 January 2010

Just a Bit of Booze

There is an interesting story over at World Net today...about Representative Nancy Pelosi....her travels....her excess....and her alcohol.

It's not a very positive story...and it begs alot of questions....which Rep Pelosi is not going to answer. Before the's hard to find an episode where the head of the House or Senate got their own transportation via the Air Force. In the past ten's been on a surge of sorts.

I'll let you read this entire story over at World Net. But there are two curious things about this report.

First, you start to think that maybe it's time that the Air Force was tossed out of this business.....and just give both the head of the House and the Senate their own contracted out jet....with a nationally-advertised budget. Be fair....toss them around $10 million a year to run around to funerals, meetings in London, dinners in Brazil, and whatever else they'd like to go and see. Once they hit the $10 million point.....they are finished for the year. Treat them like kids if necessary.

Second.....maybe it's just me....but there's an awful lot of heavy booze mentioned in the purchases and servings onboard Rep Pelosi's travels. A lot of booze. Now, she travels with an entourage....five or six members of her staff....maybe her family. But I'm looking at this, and I'm thinking that someone in her group has got a serious drinking problem. We aren't talking about just a small problem either. Maybe the Representative herself? I don't know.....but this amount of booze mentioned in limited reporting....makes me think of serious alcoholism.

I'd hate to suggest a Bama-county philosophy of "dry" for all senators and representatives. But let's think about's not my job to pay taxes.....and pay for some senator from California or some representative from Arkansas to booze up freely. I'm kinda curious what the heck we are paying for in the offices....and in the planes....and if this is from our tax dollars.

BCS Hell

So, with all of the emergencies facing the federal government of yesterday....the boys have decided to pile one more log on that fire. The BCS Bowl Championship series.

Yes, the Justice Department has said that it will now review the mess...and offer up an opinion. They didn't say what it might be....but just the sheer admission of review...has to have the BCS guys shaking in their boots.

You see what is at the heart of a rigged up system where approximately sixteen teams are "in" and fixed to be the champion...year, after year, after year. Out the midst of Utah State and Boise State...who have finally recruited and gotten themselves into a strange situation...national winners of a major scale. Yet, because of the arrangement for bowl games....neither can crack the system and be a national winner.

Let's even go one step further...there are probably twelve teams beyond the "Bowl-16" that we know of...that could be a national champion but the series is rigged against them.

Why a rigged deal? Money, TV access, and national audience. It's pure and simple. You are a member of the sweet sixteen are legendary already around the nation. Boise State? Folks in Georgia have likely never watched a single game...ever....with them. The money? Well...we are talking about hundreds of millions for the town that gets one of the top three games.

Should the Fed's get involved in this? That's a curious thing. Most folks hate the idea of some Senator or some Congressman to be deep into BCS 'rigging'. They hate for the President or the Attorney General to be deep into BCS 'rigging'. But since the BCS committee itself won't fix've got yourself into a pit.

My prediction....the President will need a group of experts to sort this he'll call in former college presidents of the University of Nebraska, University of Alabama, Texas Tech, UCLA, USC, Florida State, etc. Yes, you might note that they are all members of the 'sweet-sixteen' group who got all of the bowl deals. Then they will have a three or four guys from Princeton to balance out this mess...mostly business degree guys who've been with failed Wall Street operations. Together, they will forge a new and improved failed BCS help make America better and progressive.

There, I said it. A BCS system that is bold and progressive.