Monday, 1 February 2010

A Spy or Two

Sometimes, you come across a news items...and you see brilliant naive attitudes. These are people that one would expect more out of....but their naive nature is making you laugh.

This weekend.....out of the British Independent (one of my favorite papers to read)....came this item: "Britain's former chief science adviser says the theft of climate e-mails from the University of East Anglia in southern England may have been the work of spies".

This science advisory? David King. He wants to let you know that this was a "an extraordinarily sophisticated operation."

David goes on to say that timing of the release.....was supposed to hurt the climate change talks in Copenhagen.

Then David speculated this could be the work of U.S.-based lobbyists.

I sat and paused over this, and then started laughing. Based on everything displayed so far....a 15-year old kid with knowledge of mail servers and how they function would have had a ninety percent chance of breaking into the system. Whatever security that the university had standing....was marginal and they likely never considered the threat or impact of stolen e-mails. If you go and ask them today....I would imagine that they would tell you that they've hired a $100k-a-year security guy and feel comfortable.

Then you come to this issue of illegal avoidance of releasing the e-mails....which numerous people had requested and the guys at the university had refused to comply. The government this past week, has even admitted this but then say it's past the date that you could put charges up against them. David fails to mention this.

The timing? If you have the emails and you find great problems with them....feel free to use them at your leisure. David fails to address any of the problems mentioned within the massive release of information.

Finally, as for this being the work of spies. Who would you like to be at the heart of this? A fifteen-year old kid? A professional hacker by himself? A Russian ethics professor? Take your pick. If David is worried about this as a spy effort.....he just might find four million spies in existence today....and the threat is minute-by-minute.