Sunday, 7 February 2010

History of a Questionable Sense

With all the snow yesterday....I ended up watching around eight hours of the History Channel. Amongst all this vast knowledge they dumped....there came the episode over the Knights Templar...the Kensington Rune Stone...the Freemasons....and the dozen odd features left on the American landscape pointing toward a visit by Templars back in the 1300's. It was a tidy lecture of sorts, and while the evidence is not are left with questions.

The emphasis of this that after the Knights Templar dudes got the "Holy Grail"....the vast knowledge from Egypt and the Middle East....they then returned and found a short-term period of open arms in Europe. Then the guys in charge of various countries....from Kings to Dukes to Princes....found the Knights were a bit of an issue. At some point in the early 1300s....the Knights were viewing an escape of sorts.

The promised land? They know about this land west of Greenland. You have to remember....the one key element about the Knights of the knowledge. They absolutely will not deny themselves knowledge based on some king's words, a religious order or some ill-conceived notion of "maybe". So with this episode of the History Channel yesterday.....the adventure is laid out where they go to some point in Minnesota and leave various hints of their travels. The Kensington Runestone is one of those hints. There are others.

The hint of more than one trip....maybe several trips....come out of this show. None of these are absolute in fact. The problem is that no one recorded these events and wrote them for history. And the hints left of their travels....often become a question mark. A hole bore into a stone of 2,000 pounds....why? You've got a significant number of stones where the holes are part of a local story, which hasn't been proven as a fact yet.

So as I came to an end with this episode on the History Channel....I was left with this vast pondering. Instead of answering questions.....the episode simply begged more questions.

Let's say for a moment that the Knights of the Templar did arrive in America in the mid 1300's, and beat Columbus by 150 years. Did they just around the countryside, and then pack up to go back to Europe? can sit and ponder this all day, but you can't see them visiting and never coming back. Establishing themselves in the US would likely have been viewed as the most strategic moment of the entire history of the Knights. So...they weren't about to pack and leave.

Sit and put yourself in the Knights of Templar position. You are a threat to every single European kingdom. No one in Europe trusts you and your vast knowledge. The religious power of the Catholic Church is firmly locked in a position against you. You cannot be trusted in any fashion. So going to the promised the only way to fix a permanent problem.

Once you accept that notion...then you begin to realize that as Columbus arrived in 1492....he was already the second guy there....and maybe even the third guy (count the Vikings somewhere in this mess). So quietly, there was likely a community of English-speaking Templars in the new world.

Over the next one hundred the British finally got around to establishing a colony along the eastern coast and the French were working on New Orleans....I would suspect that the Knights were already established in hidden colonies safely up in the Minnesota region. They were also likely viewing the establishment of the British colonies....and 'pushing' things in a certain direction.

The Revolution? You sit back and view the leadership from Jefferson to Washington....and you see the continued hints of Freemasons throughout the group. These were the new visionaries of the Knights of the Templar. Once disconnected from Britain....the strategy views an independent land associated with Templar values and vision. Business and economics were the cornerstone of any Templar leader.

The purchase of the Louisiana Territory? Again....a Templar strategy. Expansion and fulfillment of the Templar vision of a contained land with no real threats. The same vision with the Alaska purchase occurs. Even the Civil War could be viewed as a Templar-like vision to correct a problem that they allowed to fester. Lincoln as a Templar-fix in solving the dividing nation problem? Yes......more than likely.

So we proceed on.

The Spanish-American War? Likely a demonstration of American capability in the world....the Templars would eventually need that demonstration. The Panama Canal.....a vehicle of technology development....that only the Templars would have been the capable group to push and ensure the completion.

The stepping of America into WW I? Likely another Templar vision that it would fully demonstrate the Templar-led America as a savior in any world conflict. When the Brits and French demanded US forces come under their command....."Black Jack" Pershing simply refused and asked for his own front......a Templar-like tactic.

The Templar-led America in WW II? A vast industrial complex came into being, which you could likely pin onto the Templars. The tactics....the advancement of weaponry.......the development of nuclear weapons....etc. The rocket scientists brought from Nazi Germany to America? Likely more of a Templar-developed strategy.

The Regan era.....the change of economics in America....the technology era....and yes, perhaps even the Iraq War.....all fall into the bucket of Templar-led America.

Yes, I've allowed myself to go through alot of scenarios with no substantial proof. But the problem is that the Knights of the Templar are a group that has long term visions that tend to fit into a overall goal. Amongst the membership.....they tend to discuss and have a goal where the strategy fits and general agreement to proceed.

The Knights of the Templar have been through the period where they were halted by various European influences....and their lives were threaten because of their dedication to the vision of the effort. America is likely the place where their vision could be carried out....without threats. So things do start to make some sense on this 1300's visit by the Knights.

Someday....we may figure out this story completely....and then wonder how things worked so well.

The Fair Share

There is an interesting argument coming from California to the US federal government. They've come to deep into debt that they've gone at the state level....that for all the federal tax dollars taken from the state....they only get 78 percent back. So naturally, they want 'fairness'.

It's a curious thing to ponder. The federal tax system was never based on fairness. Even today, with forty-four different reforms that we can all recall in our lifetime.....the concept of fairness still doesn't exist. No one can explain in front of congress or in front of the American people the scale or current trend of fairness. You can pretty much laugh over the scale of fairness and how it works.

Fairness means you build an airport and credit airlines to fly into an the midst of Pennsylvania.....when the airport and airlines return less than thirty percent of the cost of operation. You can call it a marginal and absolute failure on return....but the federal government is paying for this out of the federal tax system.

We build bridges in places where the bridge benefits less than 1,000 people a day and will never return the original cost. We do it because the right guy was in the right place to ensure funding, and a contractor was prepared to help that political figure in his career. We give a university four million dollars to study the behavior of cows in a snow help pay back some college's agriculture department and help six professors who are on the down and out.

There is no fairness. California can argue this and literally shake the foundations of federal government, but it's not going to change much.

I doubt if George Washington or Thomas Jefferson ever conceived of this vast fortune that the federal government would rake in on a monthly basis, and how they'd spend it on things that make no sense. That's the sad part about this story. In two hundred years...we've advanced....but we can't really say anything good about that advancement.

The Cat and Dog Story

The smart folks with Bristol Britain.....have sat and done their research. I respect British genius and research...because they tend to take on tough topics that American universities refuse. This time...they looked at folks who own cats and dogs. Here's the bottom line: People with cats are more likely to have university degrees than those with dogs.

I realize you are sitting there...shaking your head...looking down at Barney and Jimbo...asking both dogs "what the hell is wrong with you guys"?

The guys at the University sat down and reviewed the British population. First, they found a statistic that radically changed the previous perception of dog and cat ownership. The dog and cat population of the isle? 20.8 million, which is double what they originally thought.

The research folks did come to admit that just being around cats....who are cunning and not enough to make you smarter. That was a relief to both Barney and Jimbo....sitting back at their owner's feet near the fireplace.

Smart folks apparently prefer to do less work with their they often pick a cat, over a dog. This adds in the problem of long office hours, less ability to walk the dog, and simply lifestyles.

I sat there and pondered this. When it comes to interaction...dogs win in every debate. A dog wants to interact with his master. Cats? Well....they sit there and sleep for sixteen hours a day....and they might come up to beg for petting for thirty minutes out of each day. So if you wanted silent companionship, easy care, no maintenance, no walks in bad weather, and a simple friendship....the cat wins.

I realize Barney and Jimbo are disturbed by this and would like to correct everyone's view. They are prepared to warn the master of robbers.....wake everyone if a fire starts....and usually know when the tornado warning is going into effect. But over there behind the couch....sits Claude and he's mostly snickering over the dog's dismay. In the end.....the cat wins....without even extending a claw.

The Tea Party in Nashville

I sat and watched about 75 minutes of interviews and speeches from the Tea Party meeting in Nashville. It is a fascinating thing....enthusiastic people about eight months before an American election. Typically....without a Presidential election.....this kind of election would barely draw interest and the odds-on favorite guy would win in most cases. The power of the Tea Party effort in 2010?

You almost get this impression of the Obama crew in spring of 2008 while watching the talk and speeches. They are showing various hints of repeating whatever success that the Obama crew had.....with tactics, media focus, and grassroots generation. They appear to have learned some lessons.

If I were a Democrat candidate in southern or mid-western territory.....I might start calculating the influence of the Tea Party players in my district and thinking of a change to strategy. From Texas to the Carolinas....I think the Tea Party will have a fair influence on the election. Yes, they just might drag out ten percent more of the voters that you'd expect....and they might just keep a negative focus on enough people to drag down sure-fire Democratic contenders.

What should the Democrats take out of this after November? I would imagine you will hear about the Coffee Party....a Democratic spring of 2011. They will need some inspiration and some refocus after the defeats. If they don't react.....the 2012 race becomes a mess that most Democrats really don't want to envision.

The Blizzard of 2010

The blizzard came and went. Around my place, it's around eighteen inches....maybe up to twenty in some places. Nothing is moving, and it might be Monday afternoon before enough of the roads are cleared to run the buses and regular traffic. This is an area that's used to six inches of snow on a general snowfall....not twenty.

I don't see the grocery stores open until Monday afternoon....but since they are mostly bought-out....the shelves will be bare and it might be Wednesday before real life returns and you can buy food once again.

So I'm living off cable TV, the internet, and standing by a window with snow the only thing in view. And the funny that four more inches are expected on Tuesday night. I don't see this stuff melting for at least seven day....maybe ten. Life will be a little different.