Thursday, 11 February 2010

Controlling the "Urge"

Down in Australia, they have a rabbit problem. put a few traps and you marginalize the number around your farm...and life goes on. There...because of the numbers...they've gone past the trap point...the rifle point...the gas point...and now the poison point. Authorities are now ready to allow farmers....dynamite.

Being from Bama....and having grown up on a farm....there are some iron-clad rules about farming. Typically...from the prospective of the never allow dynamite into the hands of farmers. There are a dozen things which could go wrong....from your dog Gus picking up the stick of dynamite to bring back to you smoking a cigar while near your storage area of dynamite. So you really don't want Bama farmers with this in their hands.

I grew up with two gentlemen....the Barr boys.....who were fortunate not to have their hands on dynamite. In this type situation....they would have gone through a case of the stuff in three days and asked their dad for another case....claiming that they had killed hundreds if not thousands of rabbits...but they probably would have never brought down a single rabbit.

The problem with temptation. You start to wonder about the explosive power needed to destroy a tree stump. Then you wonder how many sticks you need to destroy 55-gallon drum. Then you wonder about how many sticks would it take to create a ten foot crater. Some guy has already done this game and written the amount be easily found on the internet. But guys won't listen to that....and they always want to recreate the formula from scratch.

In Bama, this leads onto scenarios that we simply cannot allow. So in our case, we are ever depending on first-class dogs, shotguns, and keeping things under control. For these Australian guys....we are assuming that their rabbit problem has gone to turbo....and somehow they can control their urges with dynamite. Otherwise, they will eventually get the 'urge', and then start playing with dynamite. And that'll be a sad day.