Friday, 12 February 2010

My Reality Series

Over the past month....I've come to view around two dozen reality shows. Frankly, for the past fifteen years....with the exception of the Flavor of Love show, the Hulk Hogan show and some lesbian-date show on German M-TV....I really haven't had my real dose of reality TV.

Naturally, since I am from Bama....I've had these thoughts and ideas running through my mind....pondering, you could say. I'm ready to devise and have my idea of a real reality show. What I want to land ten folks on a island in the Pacific....complete with a stock of food....and handguns. Ten camera guy's will be there too.....and we'll get a chance to view our ten players on a daily basis.

My ten?

First and second, Mr and Mrs John Edwards.

Third, the trampy gal girlfriend of John Edwards (to be unnamed).

Fourth, John Edward's personal best friend who held the porn tape of John and the Tramp.

Fifth and Sixth, Governor Mark Sanford (the "Off to Argentina I go" guy) and his wife Jenny.

Seventh, Sarah Palin.

Eighth, George Foreman (with his grills).

Ninth and Tenth? Tiger Woods and his choice....his wife or a girlfriend.

My guess at the that George will be there on the beach...grilling some fine shrimp and fish, with Sarah discussing economics....and no one else around them.

I'd be willing to share this idea with you M-TV guys....for $20 and a case of Pabst.