Saturday, 13 February 2010

This Huntsville Shooting

Over the past four hours....I've been pouring over the various reports out of Huntsville and pondering upon the actual event.

Basically.....some professors were called in to discuss granting tenure to a Harvard-grad professor. She was a specialist in Biology.

The talk is that they really weren't going to give tenure to this Amy Bishop. You can imagine this gal....probably after three years of playing the game at the university (my guess) and to wake up to find that the "in" crowd....voted you out. So your guaranteed gravy train....your juicy step up to the upscale professor salary...and your five-star pension deal....just went out the door. And you have to restart this entire game at some other university.

One might blame the system...or just a recruitment era of bringing in bad professors....or our current trend of fixing problems with weapons. Blame in a case like this doesn't really matter. And you have to suspect that Amy Bishop will say some type of drug abuse was going on....just to deflect the blame a little bit off her.

Now, what the locals are going to say about that it's one of those Harvard folks that played the gun role....and not the typical redneck.....not the typical mad welder from Gadsden....not the typical crazy ex-cop from Knoxville....and not the typical drug-crazed ex-wrestler. In the history of Harvard....they'd never produced a hostile gun nut. Course, they could say that she left the safe shelter of Harvard and ventured beyond reality by entering Bama. But that argument only works on MSNBC with Keith Olbermann.

Tonight....across the plains of Bama....staring into the darkness....dozens of guys are pondering if they should pack a pistol in the car to protect themselves or their co-workers at Piggly Wiggly, IHOP, or UAH.

Elsewhere....a number of professors got a note today to come around next week to discuss tenure with some other losers and are wondering if this is safe or if they should force the Chancellor to do the job he was hired to do. Chancellors got smart at some point....dumping this duty way down the they didn't have to face idiots who wanted to argue about tenure and their reputation.

So that's the bottom line. It's a sad event.....and a stupid outcome. Someone couldn't handle the criticism or the bad news.