Thursday, 18 February 2010

A British Trend

There is an interesting story of sorts over at Breitbart today. The bottom line? Eight out of ten men by 2020.....will be too fat.

If you British ladies were'd best read the rest of the out of ten British women will be too fat by 2020.

The folks over at Oxford did the research.

One of the key features of this study....was long-term analysis. So for those who might still be around at 2050...a sharp increase in people suffering strokes, high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes will occur.

There were some positive signs....especially with kids kinda leveling off at a certain point.

So I sat there and looked over this statistical data. There are some interesting thoughts. First, if you had to pick a lousy country with national health's the UK. So whatever problems exist today....begs the question of how the heck they can possibly manage more strokes, more high blood pressure, more heart disease and more diabetes. Frankly, the system is maxed out and unable to take much more.

Then I came to a curious thing. Three out of ten British women won't be obese in 2020. But they will only have two non-obese guys out there for themselves. So some British women are going to have to accept chubby guys or have a life of misery (or they could go lesbian and avoid the chubby guy question entirely).

The typical British political response to something like to tax fatty food or fat people. The social use of taxes to fix all problems is one of the curious oddities of the British culture.

I'm left to wonder how this will play out. Sometimes....scientists are wrong in their analysis....and using questionable data. You can only hope that in this case....or face a very different society by 2050.

Frank's Days

There's a point in life...where you'd like a low-stress environment after a certain age.

Me? I'd say the age of sixty.

My dad would likely say seventy.

My son would likely say twenty (don't trust anything this kid says).

I was reading the paper today.....a favorite hobby of mine....and noted that eighty-six year old Senator Frank Lautenberg got put into the hospital over the past week....for a bleeding ulcer. It's a pretty severe thing....with various factoring contributing to it.

The thing is a guy who has to show up each day in DC.....and play Senator. You have to act stately, competent (even if you aren't) and avoid saying really stupid things (it's hard once you get past seventy to avoid saying some dumb things occasionally). Just on Friday of last week....he returned from a trip to Haiti to see the death and destruction.

I kinda feel sorry for Frank. He likely has fatty foods served each day over a the Senate cafe. And this traveling agenda is probably not the greatest thing for him.

There's some point where a guy should just hang it up and enjoy the golden years....and sadly....for Frank.....golden years in the Senate probably add up to much.

The Weapon

New reports now indicate that the UAH shooter...Amy Bishop....started firing and almost immediately stopped firing (after hitting three victims). Witnesses now say the guy jammed almost immediately.

Typically....when you go very cheap with weapons.....with either rifles or pistols....the jam factor grows proportionally. A guy thinking a $300 gun will do everything asked and provide supreme firing power....ought to examine the real quality behind the weapon and the manufacturing company.

I worked with a guy once who went out and found some dealer in Arizona who had Chinese AK-47s. Don't ask me if they were legal or such. My work associate bought one and went out to some out-back location....with three hundred rounds of ammo. He wanted the thrill. The thrill lasted through about eight rounds, and then the first jam occurred. When he finally got things back to normal.....he fired off five or six rounds....before the next jam. The gun never functioned like he thought it would.

Later, I was sitting there and thinking about this. This was a typical Chinese military weapon (or so he thought) if some Chinese solder got into a hostile situation....he'd be lucky if his gun lasted three seconds. This is the kind of situation you really don't want to get into.

So as we look at the Bama case.....Amy Bishop likely bought the cheapest weapon possible in this senseless crime.