Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Well, It Might Be

My brother...the engineer noted this story today.

Up in the northern reaches of Canada...working for the National Research Council's Canadian Neutron Beam Center (near Chalk River)....this engineer...Lachlan Cranswick came up missing around 18 January.

The thing about that he's a nuclear engineer.

So folks are a bit worried about the implications.

The cops went through his house...nothing gone. The billfold was there....the passport, the bags, etc. The curious thing was his front door was unlocked, but beyond that...nothing was missing.

Some suggestions have centered on the idea of him going for a long walk and just falling off some bridge or some cliff. But they've searched high and low for the guy.

So a nuclear engineer is missing. Naturally, some folks (my brother included)...can only see this as a diabolical episode...possibly involving the Chinese, the North Koreans, the Iranians, or even the evil French. Engineers don't run off and get least in the eyes of other engineers.

I sat and pondered on this a while...and strongly believe that some Amazonian Bama gal...with a house-trailer...a collection of Elvis 45rpm records....a passion for brilliant Canadian wussy nuclear engineers...and a pallet of Molson Coors....has kidnapped the wussy Canadian nuclear engineer.

She's likely brought him south to entertain her and enlighten her on these evenings when Andy Griffith ends and there's no episodes of Lost on TV.

I realize my theory is probably not going to hold much water but it's hard to imagine Chinese spies showing up at Chalk River and asking about where the nuclear professor lives. The same is true for North Korean spies or even French spies.

So deep in the heartland of Bama tonight...there's likely a chat on neutrons and protons...with some Bama gal totally fascinated and cooking up catfish for her new found boyfriend.