Saturday, 27 February 2010

The "Lamar" Factor

There was a comment or two today...from analysts...over Senator Lamar Alexander from Tennessee at the health care debate.

Typically...most senators you tend to view...lack any real skills at getting a point across. They can make a speech or read some point paper...but they don't have "people" communication skills.

As Senator Alexander came into the debate...his style and grace was something that you couldn't prepare to battle. When he speaks...he's speaking from the level of a common guy on the street and setting the stage for folks to comprehend things.

At best in today's have perhaps five individuals of the level that Senator Alexander plays from. He's not a genius. He's not a high stakes lawyer. He's not an economist. He's not a business man. Lamar Alexander ends up being this simple guy who reads and then asks questions.

After you watch various clips and comments from the debate yesterday...the "Lamar" factor starts to play out with most people. They probably wanted an intelligent debate and a display of facts on the table....and I think Senator Alexander probably started the direction of the debate.

As comical as the debate ended up end having some appreciation of the moments of Senator Alexander...which was probably the only four-star moments of the whole "show".

Fun While Traveling

Imagine if you've mentally prepared yourself for a fair amount of air travel. You've traveled an hour or so by car to the local airport. You've walked through the parking and concourse area. You've played the TSA game with the security guy and tried not to get aggravated. You've waited an hour for the flight to take off. You've gotten onto the Delta flight finally...and sat down. And now...the two stewardesses are engaged into a debate, that grows more hostile...minute by minute.

You sit and feel entertained by this. You've seen regular people argue at bars and pubs. You've seen people get angry at funerals and company parties. You've witnessed people blow up at their girlfriend, their neighbor, or grandfather. But you've never seen stewardesses engaged in a hostile argument.

The reality of that it actually happened out in Rochester, NY...and the Delta flight apparently emptied the passengers back into the waiting area while the flight waited for replacement of the two ladies involved.

I sat and thought about the situation. Typically...the airline is the guy in charge...and in this case...he was the guy who finally made the decision.

Typically...had this been a former Air Force pilot....he would have stood up...walked into the fracas and told both women to "shut up". The leadership qualities would have kicked in and the pilot would have been in true charge of the situation. In this case...I'm guessing very strongly that the guy in the cockpit...wasn't a former Air Force pilot...and he was one of the cheapo $45k per year pilots that the airlines have gone with in the past decade.

My second observation that any passenger could have stood up and told both ladies to shut up. But they didn't. They simply continued to watch the event.

The management guys are going to take a long look at the two women involved. They probably will demand that they both go and take anger management classes.

If you step back and view the's actually a great script for a movie. There has to be some conflict between the two women...that's been brewing for months or years. The right moment? The right conflict? Who knows?

So as you sit and try to relax as you walk through the cattle gate to get from one point to another...there is this new element. Tag team action between the stewardesses might turn out to be better than WWE wrestling.