Thursday, 18 March 2010

When Tom and Jerry Rules

They added up total viewership on the cable TV options. Of course, USA came in number one on viewers, and then Fox News.

Somewhere down the line...around number twenty-six....was MSNBC, and around number thirty-two was CNN News.

Ahead of CNN News....was the Cartoon Channel.

I paused here and sat to ponder over this fact.

I will admit, I am pro-Cartoon Channel. In fact....given a choice of CNN or the Cartoon'd be a tough choice over which to watch....unless Johnny Bravo or Dexter was on. Naturally with those cartoons....I'd pick the Cartoon Channel every single time.

For the CNN management staff...this is a tough thing to view. When some guy comes up and says he deserves a 8 percent pay raise....then you have to smile at him and suggest that some cartoon figure is drawing better numbers than he is. The same is true for some 5-star international news correspondent....who finds out that she's got half the numbers of the Cartoon Channel at the time of day that she runs her show.

It's bad when your best competition is a cartoon....and you can't overwhelm them.