Tuesday, 23 March 2010

A Doctors Strike

Amongst all the news of today...there is an interesting bit from Germany which relates to the structure of the health care package that they run there.

Several thousand doctors at Germany state-run city or county hospitals....started a simple one-day strike. The hope is a payraise will come out of this.

Currently, there are around 55,000 doctors who fall into this category and could be participating in some fashion.

Their request? They basically want a five percent pay increase....and more compensation for being on call.

Now, there are several ways of viewing this. Currently...German doctors are among the top state-run medical doctors on the wage scale. Note, I didn't mention the private physician wage scale because those guys make a fair amount more than the state-run hospital doctors.

Another side of this coin is the nurse situation....and they are just as bitter about their compensation.

Then you have the episode of 2005, where 5,000 doctors eventually left the country that year....for various other countries. By the time that the authorities figured out the actual number and got real serious about a pay raise.....the damage had been done.

The key to Germany's entire health care package....is tough control over wages. Once you expand that wage....you start to mess with the percentage rate that you take from folks....and they get all upset about that.

At this point in our game....you just might want to start paying attention to the mess in other countries and how they adjust or fix their problems.