Thursday, 25 March 2010

Local News

We had one of those funny events occur yesterday here in the local area. Some a Jag...heading south on the interstate out of Arlington. Some Ford F550 Dump truck clipped the Jag.

The Jag guy got upset, and a second clipping occurred. So the Jag guy pulls a gun....fires a shot or two, and this chase starts up.

I was sitting there and trying to imagine how a chase between a Jag and Ford F550 would go....and I was at a loss.

So at that point...the two ran for around ten miles before the cops got both pulled over. The funny thing is that the Jag guy had his kid in the back seat, and around 13 shots were fired.

Cops talk of several charges and I'm thinking that the Jag guy will do at least a couple of weeks in county jail. Nothing said yet over the Ford F550 driver.

Call it road rage or whatever....but it's pretty stupid to end up doing jail time.

The Best of TV News

You can often tell when there's not much news to report...when you watch MSNBC, Fox or CNN. They start to analyze each other and try to report it as news.

I sat this morning and watched thirty minutes of MSNBC. They ran clips of Glenn Beck, and then brought in their Glenn Beck "analyst" to explain how Beck's history was wrong. This all centered around the comparison of evolutionary and revolutionary champions. On one side were were the Franklin, Madison & Jefferson crew and on the other side were the modern day progressive/socialist crew (the interior of the Obama administration as Beck would say).

I sat for five minutes waiting for some intelligent analysis...and this was mostly stuff you'd expect out of a first-year college student research paper.

You'd rather hear about actual news but then these guys run so much garbage these days...that you can't expect a lot.

One of these days...stations will eventually get around to analyzing each channel nine's news crew looking at channel twelve's news crew. When this happens...we'll switch to Animal Planet and just give up.

Miss X

There are people who sit around and ponder this mythical moment around 40,000 years ago...when Homo Sapiens and Neanderthal existed in some environment. These guys sit and daydream over how the two groups mixed and maxed. Did they fight? Did they love? Did they just learn to avoid each other and not ask questions?

This week...we came to this discovery which thrills the smart guys alot. They've found a third group of human, in the midst of Russia....who existed at the same time of Neanderthal and Homo Sapiens.

It's actually a female DNA sample that came to be part of this they've named the lady in question "X-woman".

An entire species....and different.

From Africa? Well...they want to believe it. But you have this hint of things to make you wonder....this bone they found...wasn't in Africa, it was in Russia...near the Altai Mountains (deep in the Siberian region....and closer to Asia).

Miss X? Did she mingle? Did she come up marry Slug the Neanderthal? Did she have an affair with Larry the Homo Sapien. Did she entice Slug to give up his stupid ways? Did she run off with Larry? Or did she just hang out with other dudes of her species? These are the questions that you'd really like to settle but can't.

More species? When you go and look at all of the animals on the face of the Earth....there's likely to be dozens of these groups out there. Some survived and intermingled. And the majority likely died out. There's a story here....but you just can't find the facts to tell it.