Sunday, 28 March 2010

The Tea Party

I've sat and watched this movement over the past year. I remember standing there and watching Rick Santelli of the Financial News Channel do his moment and suggest such a grassroots organization.

There are things that they've accomplished. The replacement of Ted Kennedy's seat would never have gone to a Republican in a thousand years....unless you had such a Tea Party group sitting out there. The questions thrown to the media over the past twelve months about the universal health care package...which made the vast number of new analysts look like idiots on TV....came from the Tea Party.

Their contribution to November's election? It will differ from state to state. I think southern Democrats are in for a rude awakening...with a vast number of independents shifting against them. I think some Tea Party efforts will be misguided the pretenders come out (as in Nevada's senate election). I would suggest that some news analysts will be more focused on the Tea Party than the actual election itself.

A fad? Yeah.

The folks at Tea Party central....are mostly folks who've never associated with any political business before. They've learned basic organizing skills, communication points, and actually are willing to argue with a liberal, a news analyst, or a citizen on the street.

Who is losing right now over this movement? The news analysts. It becomes difficult to watch some interview on MSNBC when the "expert" is offering some political chat-chat without any substance.

The "expert" attack on the Tea Party? Stuff of a first-year college student, and little else. A vast amount of time and effort is put into analyzing the Tea Party....rather than issues. That ends up making you laugh over a 60-minute news show that pretends to say something important but can't.

At some point after the 2012 race....when the Republican Presidential candidate loses...I suspect that the bulk of the Tea Party members will become disenchanted. You will see some states where they thrive and simply morph into a stronger party, but the bulk of the movement is likely going to fold up and rest for four years at that point.

The Hard Life of a Bama Guy

Back a couple of months ago....there was this tiny news item that a new brothel was going to open up in Vegas...for women. I read the article and I kept thinking this was a radical idea. The deal was...recruit some guys....offer services....and make profit.

I didn't really follow much after that....and I don't think there was much public attention to this deal.

This past week...the brothel and it's story came to the next round. The first male prostitute hired....was let go...and here in....lies the Bama story.

This first male prostitute hired....was a guy from Bama. Yep....he was this muscular college dropout...from the Bama system. He also entertained a brief period as a porn actor in LA...before arriving in Vegas to be a professional prostitute.

The curious thing was the business activity around this guy for two months of work. He basically had ten customers.

I sat there and scratched my head. Over in northwest Bama....over a three-day weekend....a lucky guy might score with three to four ladies if he tried awful hard (course, this wouldn't involve any money).

I tried hard to imagine this guy....sitting around hour after hour...waiting for some gal to show up and pick him. The problem is that he might be like a typical guy from Bama...watching NASCAR, sipping beer, eating bar-b-q, and a two-day growth of beard on him. When the gal finally did show up...she was probably some California gal and just passed on the Bama guy because he looked "Bama".

Meanwhile...all these Bama women are looking at this entire story, and thinking...why the heck would you ever pay for a guy when you could get something for free? There are hundreds of thousands of studly Bama men...from eighteen to sixty-five...wearing cowboy boots, work boots, fishing boots, flip flops and tennis shoes...with a beer or a coffee cup in their hand, and ready to make a woman feel appreciated.

As for the career of our recently terminated male Bama prostitute? Well....I'm guessing he will make his way back to Bama. He'll end up with some lumber company delivering for local folks and end up marrying some gal named Carla whose dad runs a Catfish diner. It'll all be hush-hush about his former career until some reality show producer shows up and wants to revisit his old career....and Carla discovers why he's so knowledgeable about bedroom things.