Monday, 29 March 2010

You'll Love the 2013 Ford F-150

Imagine someone coming up to you....spending an hour on some TV news show....telling you about the Ford F-150 truck and it's fantastic changes....and expecting to make a pre-sell to you right now today.

How would you feel? A truck that is roughly three years in the future....and trying to be sold to you right now?

So today....White House advisers and Democratic political figures came out to let you know about the new health care bill...and to basically suggest that they will spend their free time for the next six months....saying great things to come in 2013....with this new package.

I stood there for five minutes today....watching Senator Charles Schumer explain this sales job would help people overcome their issues and return to the Democrats in November.

After five minutes....I turned the channel over to the History Channel....I couldn't take much more.

It's a plan that doesn't start for three years....has various impacts in 2700 pages that you can't be sure about....and some idiot is acting like a used car salesman on Meet the Press give me some pep talk. It didn't work.

The thing is...when someone comes up to sell you a 2013 Ford can't be sure of anything. If gas is $5 a gallon....the truck won't sell. If the Ford truck division gets sold off to some Chinese company...the truck won't sell. If the truck changes engines and they all go to a turbo four-cylinder engine....the truck won't sell.

As for this summer? If this is the chief topic of discussion for Democrats for the remainder of the'd best turn off the news and get into some Dog The Bounty Hunter episodes.